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New shop open in Terminal 1 at Narita International Airport!

On Saturday, June 6, 2015, the satellite shop of “COSPA AKIHABARA” will renewal open in Terminal 1 at Narita International Airport!

Date June 6th (Sat), 2015 - May 29th (Sun), 2016
Location Narita Airport Terminal 1, Central Building, 4th Floor
Hours 08:00-20:00

Overseas Limited Edition

Kantai Collection
のんのんびより りぴーと

Important Notice

Thank you very much for using our products.

We are aware that counterfeited products of our merchandise have been sold through shops outside Japan and international online shops in the recent years. Those products even state "Cospa" on themselves although we have registered it as our international trademark.
As those counterfeited products do not meet Cospa's quality standards, there are the possibilities of defects, failures and your involvement in an illegal action without regard to your intention.
Currently, authentic Cospa products are sold ONLY through our official distributors below. We sincerely hope your purchasing from our official distributors. And please beware of purchasing counterfeited products without knowing that.

We are afraid we are unable to accept returning. Thank you for your kind understanding.

Official Distributors

For further information about shops who sell authentic Cospa products, please contact above official distributors.

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Frequently Asked Question

Where can I buy COSPA products outside Japan?

Please contact COSPA Local Websites Worldwide or our Agents/Distributors near you. Please note that their stock is subject to availability and conditions of international distribution rights we hold. We are prohibited from offering certain products to the regions where we do not hold distribution rights for. If the above websites, agents and distributors do not have your desired item, most probably it is not legally available in your region. Also, if your country is not covered by the above website, agents and distributors, it means that we currently do not export our products to your country. Thank you for your understanding.

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Why are certain products/titles not available in my country?

We are prohibited from exporting certain products/titles to some countries under copyright laws and regulations. Our policy is to offer officially licensed goods by obtaining the due merchandising rights and distribution rights. Because of this reason and policy above, some products/titles are currently not available in your country. We are working to obtain distribution rights for more products/titles/regions and will offer you a wider range of Cospa products in the future hopefully. We thank you for your understanding. To find out where to buy Cospa products, please see “Where can I buy Cospa products outside Japan?”.

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Can I shop online from Cospa website?

If you have a residence address in Japan, it is yes, you can shop from our website. If you are accessing outside of Japan, we are sorry but it is no, since we do not sell items to overseas on our website. To find out where to buy Cospa products, please see “Where can I buy Cospa products outside Japan?

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Can I order custom-made costumes?

Custom-made costumes are available only if you can come to our shop in Japan and speak to our members of costume staff in Japanese for measuring your just size and giving you a quotation. We are sorry but we do not accept order by any other means.

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I live in Japan. Where can I find Cospa shops?
Further questions?

Enquiry Form: If you have any questions, comments or feedback, send your message to us by this form. Please use Japanese or English.

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